• Alisa Collins

Who makes your decisions?

If I decide on something, that's because I decided.

Nobody else had anything to do with it.

Or so I thought.

But it isn't that simple once you start thinking about what drives your decisions.

Whether it is buying the new thing a friend suggested, ordering the latest sandwich from the restaurant you frequent, or trying the newest flavor of Oreo - your decisions aren't always 100% yours. (Really, you wanted a white chocolate-dipped pumpkin spice cookie before it was presented to you in an eye-catching display?)

It gets even more interesting when you think about the things you've always done.

I was coaching someone once, and they stated (very factually), "I have a sweet tooth, so eat the ice cream."

As if having a sweet tooth was a genetic deficiency proven by DNA - rather than a story they told themselves. By believing the story she created in her mind, she had no choice but to eat the ice cream. She believed the decision to eat the ice cream wasn't a conscious choice. After all, she has a sweet tooth.

When you go about your day, notice what you do on default and then question if that was your choice. Are you a victim of excellent marketing? Are you a person that believes your default stories? Or are you a victim of old habits?

Deciding on purpose is a powerful thing.

Decide on purpose today.

If you want to learn more about thinking (and deciding) on purpose and how it can improve your life, let's talk.

Until next time,