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Tips to Weed Out Unhelpful Thoughts

The job of a curator involves selecting and weeding out items from a collection to get to a representative sample. They pull together and sifts through content to find the best to present to the world.

We want to do the same with our thoughts.

We want to weed out thoughts that limit us from having the life our creator intended for us to have.

We want to let go of thoughts that cause us to be weak, disheartened, hopeless, and filled with worry.

We want to keep and nurture our thoughts that are noble, pure, loving, and empowering.

The best way to curate your thoughts is to be aware of them.

You can do that by filling a piece of paper with everything that is in your head. All the thoughts that are bouncing around in your brain. The good. The bad.


When they are on paper, you can see the thoughts that help you be more of the person you want to be--and see the thoughts limiting your life.

Get to weeding out the bad and keeping the good!

If you need help weeding your thoughts, I'd be happy to help with a FREE THOUGHT REVIEW session (CLICK HERE!).

All the best,


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