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Three ways to have more Hope

I love the emotion of hope.

Hope allows you to believe that there is something better.

Hope allows you to see the light in a dark tunnel that isn't a coming train.

But I've been afraid of hope.

My logic was very rational. If you hope for something, and that thing doesn't turn out, it will be a big disappointment.

Rather than the "possibly" of being disappointed, I would guarantee my disappointment--by not allowing myself to hope.

For me, many times, being disappointed was the opposite of hope. So how can we all have more hope?

1) Protect your brain from external negativity

In the age of instant access to all sorts of negative news, angry social media posts and other well-meaning individuals bring us all types of negativity.

2) Turn down the volume on internal negativity

Just like external negativity, we often have negative stories playing over and over in our minds. Be aware that these stories are optional- and reduce their volume.

3) Be actively Hopeful, on purpose

Being intentional with your brain is a superpower. We've all heard of a gratitude journal - but being intentional in your thinking is slightly different. It requires paying attention and looking for the possibility of good things to come, and focusing your brain on hope.

Have a beautiful week,


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