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Strategies to Stop "Return to Office" Anxiety

The year 2020 will be known for many things, but one of the good things that came out of it was the opportunity for many office workers to continue their jobs remotely. Working remotely allowed us to continue getting paid, which kept other businesses running, like food delivery and online shopping.

By working remote we stayed away from coworkers, reducing the spread of a deadly virus while also having extra time with family, additional time for side hustles, spare time for well, whatever we wanted. Some loved it for its advantages; some loathed the isolation. Regardless, 2020 showed us the future.

In 2021, things are less clear. Some companies are continuing to allow employees to work from home. Some have mandated everyone back to the office. There is no "how to run an office after a pandemic" guidebook. So companies are coming up with their game plans, and some are messy.

Whether or not you are pro work from home or are ready to get back to the office, uncertainty looms everywhere. What happens if someone in the office gets the virus? What if I love working from home, but now the company won't allow it? What if a new hire negotiates remote work, but I still have to commute? What if there is a room full of cubicles and EVERYONE is on Zoom?

If you, or someone you know, is anxious about what the future holds and returning to office work, I've got you!

I've created a 20-minute video on how to work thru the return to office stress - and take back control of your own emotions. This course is usually $47, but today I'm offering it for FREE with the promo code "office."


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