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Other People

As humans, we see other people as the problem.

Almost always, our stress, fear, and frustration source back to THEM.

If they did it RIGHT, life would be so much easier.

But they refuse.

They defy how we want them to do it. (Whatever "it" is.)

That's the rub. If "they" are the source of so much of our suffering, and "they" won't get in line and do what we want--"we" have a problem. We will suffer because of them.

And there is nothing we can do.

There is no hope.

We have no power.

That's the story most of us believe.

But it is NOT TRUE.

When we learn that OUR thoughts control our emotions, and "they" (the other humans) don't,... we can take back OUR POWER.

Do we still want the world to be different?

Will we still want them to do it better?


But your happiness, contentment, and joy don't have to come at the expense of what someone else does (or doesn't do).

Your happiness, contentment, and joy are 100% controlled by YOU.

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Have a fantastic day,


P.S. Something new is coming this fall. I can't wait to share it with you!

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