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It's not too late! How to get back on track with your 2022 Goal

If you are like most people, you set your New Year's resolutions. And by the end of January, resolutions and goals are a distant memory.

Consider yourself normal.

The first of the year is always when people think they will make a significant change in their life--and usually have no real plan to make that happen. And if they do have a plan, it is entirely unrealistic based on their past behavior.

Here's the good news.

Most retail businesses never profit until Q4 (or the last three months of the year) will make or break some companies.

Many games turn around, either for a win or a loss in the last quarter.

Q4 is when things start to matter!

So how do you dust off that New Year's Goal?

1) Have a solid reason your goal is important to you.

Without a good reason for 'why' you want to do something, you significantly reduce the chance you'll do it.

2) Be realistic.

Set a realistic plan to make small steps toward the goal. (Don't set your plans to hit the gym seven days a week unless you are already going to the gym six days a week.)

4) Celebrate the small steps.

We want to discount anything that isn't grand and amazing. I walked around the block today - but I didn't run a marathon. I ate a healthy lunch - but I blew it at dinner. NO!!!! Celebrate the small progressive steps.

3) Listen and ignore.

Your brain will give you every reason in the book as to why this is a terrible idea. Ignore your brain. It thinks new things are dangerous and scary. Ignore the chatter. You are brave, despite your brain.

5) Wonder and be curious.

If you walked down the street today, could you walk around the block tomorrow? If you ordered the large fry today, could you get by with a medium next week - to see if you can?

Many games are won or lost in the fourth quarter. Q4 isn't the time to stop; it's the time to double down.

What could you do if you focused?

If the entire game was riding on you, do you stay on the bench - or ask the coach to put you in--and you go after it with everything you have?

Go get 'em!


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