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How To Lose Weight the Hard Way

When I was a freshman in college, I weighed about 110lbs.

Thanks to an unlimited meal pass and a change in my activity level, I gained 15lbs that year.

My boyfriend at the time told me I was fat.

And from that point forward, I dieted.

Over my adult life, I've followed every foolproof way to lose weight 'the easy way.'

Drink a shake.

Eat bananas, hotdogs, and eggs.

Eat three apples a day.

Eat only veggies.

Count calories.

Count points.

Don't eat carbs.

Eat only good carbs.

Eat whatever you want, but exercise more.

Stop eating by 6 pm.

Don't eat until noon.

The list goes on and on.

Sometimes, it even worked.

But then, I'd gain the weight back.

In 2019, I changed my life.

I learned that food was not the problem.

I learned my brain is predisposed to desire pleasure (including food).

I learned that if I manage my brain, losing weight is possible.

Managing your brain isn't easy.

But learning to manage your brain will change your life in miraculous ways.

I've lost 47lbs in the past few years.

It wasn't easy.

Managing your brain takes consistency and effort.

But I wouldn't trade how I did it for the world.

If you would like to learn to manage your brain, I'd love to share some quick tips on doing it. Click here to get my free tips!

And, when you are ready, join me for a free one-on-one session to talk about how this can work for you. You can book online here:

Until then, have a fantastic week.


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