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How I met my Mother

I grew up in the south. We went to our grandma's every Sunday and had a list of chores a mile long. I was very blessed.

In high school, I hung out with my friends on Friday night and usually had a Saturday night date.

And more times than not, I was in dispute with my Mother.

I want to say I grew up, and things got better.

But that's not my story.

My story is I love, and have always loved, my Mom.

But we didn't get along.

Yes, we could fake it for a few hours once a month. We said, I love you. But now and then, our differences came to the surface in an ugly way.

When my Dad, who I adored, started showing symptoms of Alzheimer's, our differences of opinion on safety, treatment, and what to do next could not have been more different.

We both dug in.

We both took our positions.

We both knew we were right, and the other was wrong.

No doubt.

And we were willing to go to the mat to prove our "rightness".

Somewhere between then and now, something changed.

In all honesty, I changed.

I began to become aware that my relationship with my Mom was 100% my responsibility.

I created the relationship I had with her.

It wasn't on her to improve our relationship.

It was on me.

I'm happy to say that happened.

Do we agree on everything?


Do I need to agree with her to love and adore her?


It's remarkable what having the right mindset can do for your relationships.

If you struggle in your relationship with your Mom, check out my Mom Makeover course.

And when you are ready, I'd love to help you directly. I offer free one-on-one relationship mini-session on my website,

Having an improved relationship with your Mom is possible.I would love to show you how.

Have a beautiful day!


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