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If You Slow Down You Go Faster?

My husband recently commented that I need to relax. Relaxing has never come naturally to me. I've never been a person who takes naps. Sitting and just "being" isn't something I do.

My mind is always spinning with what I "should" be doing.

In the 1984 movie Starman, there's a scene where the lead character (an alien) is driving for the first time and runs a yellow light. He learned how to drive by observing humans. After running the yellow light, he comments he knows what he's doing, "...Red light stop, green light go, yellow light go very fast."

I've noticed lately that my "go very fast" way of tackling my to-do list isn't working.

When I feel overwhelmed, I usually fall into "go very fast" and work myself up so much I spin and never get what I really want to do done.

But I can take the yellow light for what it is, a subtle warning that I need to slow down.

When your brain starts to spin in all the 'to-dos' of the day, see the yellow light and slow down. Pause. Become deliberate. Become intentional.

Managing your brain and slowing down can help you get more done and feel better while you do it.

Managing your brain is a skill and requires practice. But with practice, your life can change for the better. I'd love to show you how. Click here to book a free session:



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