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Doing 'hard things' isn't as hard as you think

Not long ago I signed up for a 5K.

To understand how ridiculous this sounds, I have NEVER run before.


As the saying goes, if you see me running, you'd better run too. (Because something is chasing me!)

So how do you just start running, when you've never run before?

"You put one foot in front of the other."

It sounds so simple, yet is so hard.


Our brain is programmed to immediately "protect" us from change.

From our brain's vantage point, change is dangerous. Our brain likes routine. The thought of making a change immediately causes our brain to freak out!

So the second I hit 'submit' on the form to sign up for the 5K, my brain started to come up with all kinds of ways this was a terrible idea.

In short, my brain tried to convince me running a 5K would kill me!

So how do you overcome your brain's objection to change?

Write down what you want - and WHY!

One way to overcome objections from your brain is to plan. When you plan, you make conscious decisions ahead of time. This not only gives you the opportunity to decide the path you want to take, but it also allows you to confirm, in writing, all the reasons you want to make a change. Journaling is an excellent way to begin each day.

Take Action

This is the part where your brain says "NO." Taking action requires commitment. (Refer back to the reason you want to make the change.) Commit to your goal. Take action toward the goal. Put one foot in front of the other.


Take time to evaluate how things are going. What's working? What isn't?

Stop the Beat Down

The important thing is to tell your inner critic to take a coffee break. We aren't looking for perfection. Mistakes are not only allowed, they are expected when making a change.

Change isn't hard, but our brains don't always believe it.

With the right plan and the right attitude, your next goal can be checked off the list.

I can help you formulate a plan of action. Join me for a free no-obligation session. You can book online here:

Have a great week!


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