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Decide the Holidays will be Great

Thanksgiving is one month away. If your family holidays aren't typically Norman Rockwell's version, you are not alone. We can default to thinking the holidays amplify feelings of stress, disconnection, frustration, and insecurity. But, of course, that isn't true. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other 'special' days are simply days on the calendar.

But many of us have created beliefs by thinking holidays SHOULD be a certain way, like:

  • If you are invited, you should go.

  • The food should be delicious, beautiful, and served on time.

  • Everyone should be nice and polite.

Whether you are a host or guest or decide to skip the celebration altogether, it's

rare to get thru the next few months without having some interaction with the traditions and expectations. And you'll probably have a lot of thoughts about how your holiday should be different than it is. But what if you decided this year you'll accept everyone and everything exactly as they are? Without expectations. Without self-created drama. What if we let humans be the imperfect creatures they are--and we just relax and enjoy. Wouldn't that be nice? You have the power to create your holiday experience by managing your thoughts, feelings, and action. What will you DECIDE to create this year?

Have a beautiful week,


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