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  • Alisa Collins

Four things to get you out of a negative spin cycle

Have you ever had one of those days when your mind is racing around the track with the skill of a NASCAR star? A fellow coach aquated it to the inside lane of a traffic circle when you cannot veer the right to exit. Your mind is just going in circles.

How do you get out of the spin cycle?

1) Stop and breathe for 60 seconds.

When we are spinning, we sometimes think we can't "waste" any time by taking a break. But that's not true. Everyone can spare 60 seconds.

2) Pick one thought that you are spinning on. Just one.

Focus on that thought.

It might be "my dog is barking and I'm working. Ack!!"

It might be "my mom is rude because she just hung up on me."

It might be "I'm overwhelmed!"

Just pick one thought and focus on it.

Do NOT focus on all the back-story.

Just focus on that one single thought for a minute.

3) Notice what you feel when you think that thought.

What are you feeling?

Where do you feel this emotion in your body?

Name that emotion. (Anger, stress, disappointment, embarrassment.)

4) Pause and breathe for 60 seconds again, and think about what you can DO NEXT from LOVE. (Hint: It probably wouldn't be staying mad at the dog, disowning your Mom, or beating yourself up for being overwhelmed.)

Maybe it's closing the curtain so the dog can't see outside and reduce his stress and yours. Maybe it's sending Mom a text and loving her, even when you disagree. It might be to have compassion for yourself and all you are trying to do - and having a perspective on picking one important thing to do next and understanding your thoughts are causing your emotions.

What can you do next from LOVE?

Our thoughts (sentences in our heads) are the cause of all of our good feelings and all of our spinning out of control feelings. Understanding this deeply can change your life. To learn more about how you can create the life you want - without changing your circumstance or other people is powerful. I would love to teach you more in a free, no obligation, session. You can book online here.

Have a beautiful day,


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