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My Story

I was struggling with my life. I had too much work drama. I overate. I overdrank. I had a parent with dementia. I never said no to anything that was asked of me, and generally, I was focusing on pleasing everyone else. Although I had a wonderful husband and a loving family, I was emotionally and physically drained.


I began to work with a coach who taught me to pay more attention to my own 'thinking' and understand the effect it had on my life. By the grace of God, I was able to quieten the constant critic in my head. And things started to change. (Sounds crazy, right?)

This shift made such a positive impact on my life, I want to share it with the world! So I stopped everything to figure out how to start doing just that. Life (and God) are funny like that. Change when you least expect it!

"My mission is to help women, like me, live
happier and more fulfilling lives."


We are all in different situations. Sometimes we need someone to listen and provide support in a time of need. Other times we may be seeking out goals and dreams. Whether it is support, a new career, retirement planning, successfully navigating aging parents (or being the 'aging parent'), becoming healthier and losing weight, downsizing and adjusting to a new living arrangement, or doing that thing you've ALWAYS wanted to do, I believe I can help you achieve it.


Regardless of age, or doubt, YOU can change so that you CAN live your best life. You just need a fresh perspective, commitment, and an understanding of your own power.

Investing in yourself is a big step, but I truly believe I can help you make a positive and lasting impact on your life. Join me for a complimentary session by clicking on that big button below!

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